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Single Family Homes

The Greer Group knows how important the perfect home is, from beautiful interiors to elegant landscapes and safe neighborhoods. We are dedicated to providing that perfect home and community for families and ensuring our clients do not need to worry about their investment.

The Greer Group administers all aspects of leasing and managing a single family home for our clients, providing prompt and professional service to tenants, owners, and investors of the property. Our agents provide all services such as advertising, leasing, and maintaining properties.

  • Rent Collection and Bookkeeping: Using an innovative online program for the ease of our tenants, we are able to collect rent in an efficient and timely basis. We provide reminders when rent is late, and take further action if rent is not paid. We also maintain all records, correspondence, and bookkeeping with the latest technology and software.
  • Eviction Services: The Greer Group maintains a respectful tenant/manager relationship. In the event a tenant can no longer make their rental obligations, we handle the eviction process considerately and quickly, for the ease of both tenant and owner.
  • Emergency Repairs: The Greer Group wants to insure the safety and quality of living for both property tenants and owners, and will respond quickly to make any emergency repairs.
  • Policies and House Rules: We help implement and apply basic policies and house rules, and provide any assistance necessary for tenants in maintaining the properties.
  • Monthly Accounting Statements: We provide monthly accounting statements to owners so they are updated on their properties and know that their investment is delivering the best value.
  • Marketing and Advertising Property: The Greer Group utilizes all the online and print search tools to make sure available properties are sufficiently marketed and advertised.
  • Property Maintenance: We diligently maintain the property to keep it presentable and attractive to potential tenants, and ready for immediate occupancy.
  • Showing Available Property: Through effective marketing, Halexis Management’s agents show available properties to hundreds of potential tenants and lease properties quickly to suitable families.
  • Screening, Application and Lease: The Greer Group administers a screening process to insure tenants are well qualified for the property. We also manage all necessary paperwork, including property applications and leases.
  • Inspections: We inspect properties on a regular basis to aid tenants, insure the maintained quality of the property, and to inform the property owner of any issues.