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Mobile Home parks & resorts

The Greer Group values relationships and community, and knows that a well-run mobile home park and resort can be just that. We are dedicated to being friendly and effective property managers for tenants, while producing unmatched value for investors. The Greer Group is known for its management of mobile home parks in a variety of acreage sizes throughout the West Coast. The management team provides leasing, facilities and property management, and excellent service to tenants.

  • Marketing and Advertising: The Greer Group uses both online and traditional print media to expand marketing reach and advertise all available property with broad visibility.
  • Screening, Application and Leasing: We carefully screen all potential tenants to ensure that they are qualified and well suited for the property. We also handle all application paperwork and administrative duties, throughout the leasing process.
  • Routine Inspection: The Greer Group conducts routine property inspections for the benefit of both the tenants and investors. Our goal is to insure that our tenants are comfortable, and that our investors’ properties are consistently well-maintained.
  • Rent Collection and Bookkeeping: The Greer Group uses a exclusive, innovative online program that allows tenants to easily view and pay their rent online. We promptly notify tenants if rent is late, and take appropriate action in the event rent remains unpaid. We use the latest available software to maintain accurate records and thorough bookkeeping.
  • Community Correspondence: The Greer Group’s properties leverage the latest technology in community forums to allow tenants to find anything from the maintenance schedule to a neighbor’s famous recipe.
  • Preventing Maintenance Problems: In the rare event that tenants report a maintenance problem, our response is fast and efficient to ensure safety and comfort. All possible steps are taken, however, to keep our properties in excellent condition and prevent maintenance problems from occurring.
  • Scheduling of Contracted Repairs and Improvements: The Greer Group handles all scheduling and preparation for contracted repairs and improvements, so tenants and investors do not need to worry about the repairs.
  • Supervision of Work in Progress: All on-site contractors are fully supervised to ensure quality work from start to finish.
  • Monthly Statements: We provide monthly accounting statements to property owners keeping them updated and ensuring that their investment is delivering the best possible value.
  • Eviction Services: The Greer Group maintains excellent tenant relationships over the life of the lease. If a tenant can no longer meet their rental obligations, our team handles the eviction process efficiently and with consideration for the tenant and the property owner.