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Commercial Property

Office Complexes, Retail Centers, & More

The Greer Group knows the importance of having a clean office property or a well-maintained storefront. We are dedicated to helping you create the best business opportunity without worry about property care & maintenance.

We are known for our excellent management of commercial real estate, ranging from office complexes to retail centers. The management team maintains high occupancy rates, property and facilities maintenance, leasing services, and adapts its programs to meet the demands of the market. The Greer Group team is dedicated to prompt and professional service to all of its clients in commercial real estate.

  • Marketing and Advertising: The Greer Group comprehensively advertises and markets available commercial property to find the right tenant for the area. We utilize all online and print resources for broad visibility.
  • Screening, Applications, and Leasing: We administer a screening process to insure tenants are well qualified for the unit, and we handle all necessary paperwork including applications and leases.
  • Property Management: We are as invested as our clients, and diligently maintain the property to keep it in excellent condition for tenants, their customers, and investors.
  • Rent Collecting and Bookkeeping: The Greer Group utilizes a unique, innovative online program that allows clients to conveniently and easily pay their rent online. We provide reminders when rent is late, and take further action if rent is not paid. We maintain records, bookkeeping, correspondence, and more, with the latest technology and software.
  • Maintenance and Property Inspections: We routinely inspect our property to ensure that everything is running smoothly for our clients, and provide prompt and professional maintenance repairs.
  • Onsite Employees: Our team hires and manages any onsite employees needed for our commercial properties, be it janitors or contractors. We supervise any major repairs to ensure safety and proper maintenance.
  • Monthly Financial Statements: We provide monthly financial statements to our investors so they are updated on their properties and know that their investment is returning the best value.
  • Regulations: The Greer Group is knowledgeable in all state and federal regulations and law, and make sure that all clients, tenants, and investors are in compliance with relevant policies.
  • Local Market Knowledge: Greer Group is also up-to-date and an expert on the local market. We use our knowledge to maintain the best value on our clients’ property investments, regardless of the ups and downs of the market.
  • Eviction Process: We work hard to maintain excellent tenant/manager relationships. In the event a tenant is no longer able to fulfill their rental obligations, we will handle the eviction process considerately and efficiently for the ease of both