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Investor Benefits

Investing With Family Values

The Greer Group has over four decades of experience with investment management, and oversees portfolios of all levels. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible value for our clients by providing essential tools and resources for sound real estate investing. The Greer Group strives to build meaningful, long lasting relationships with investors, and to help other families and family businesses build and maintain their real estate legacies.

Previously under the subsidiary name Tbelle Financial, Greer Group provides you, the investor, First Trust Deed bridge loan with an average APR of 10% or higher. This provides credit lines used by strong borrowers to acquire foreclosed single-family homes which Greer Group research shows offer highly predictable principle repayment. Because relying on capital appreciation of real estate investments poses greater risk, Greer Group collects current and operating cash flow, helping to curtail these hazards.

Opportunities & Methodology

Greer Group’s investment opportunities may be syndicated by up to 10 individual investors, and range from $1,000,000 to $15,000,000, with investments in excess of $5,000,000 funded through Greer Groups mortgage banking relationships.

Along with First Trust Deeds, each investor receives complete individual title insurance to protect their financial investment. Funds are transferred directly into escrows, with Greer Group retaining a third-party agent to administer payments, negotiate loan documents, and facilitate the quarterly reporting on investment status. Greer Group has no access to the funds, but is compensated from a portion of loan feeds from the borrowers at closing.

Advantages With The Greer Group

Helping our clients identify fruitful real estate investment opportunities is only a piece of the Greer Group commitment. Our team is comprised of experts with decades of experience in every aspect of real estate management for commercial, residential, industrial, office, and retail assets. Some of the advantages with The Greer Group include:

  • Direct principal involvement and leadership with all projects. We are focused on providing personalized service to each of our clients, regardless of investment amount, and will be closely involved in every step along the way. Unlike other companies, we build deep, lasting relationships with our clients.
  • A seasoned and experienced analysis team. Our accomplished team of analysts is capable of evaluating markets, complex proformas, projects, and alternative scenarios. We provide all of the tools and research you need to make the best decisions for your real estate investment.
  • Diverse education and background. Our senior management team has a strong educational background in the industry, setting a foundation, which is bolstered by years of experience in all aspects of real estate. The Greer Group Team includes specialists in finance, business, architecture, marketing, and law, giving you peace of mind throughout the life of your investments.


The Greer Group is a privately owned, full-service real estate investment firm with over forty years of experience in West Coast real estate. Property investment was previously handled under the subsidiary name, TBelle Financial, and is now fully integrated with Greer Group. With property located throughout California and Nevada, Greer Group manages a large variety of class assets. We are dedicated to helping investors find the best property by leveraging its relationships with real estate professionals and years of expertise.

Value & Commitment

For the Greer Group, investors are more than just clients to our company; they are partners in projects, and are assured consistency, commitment, and professional service.
The Greer Group team differentiates itself through smart real estate management and personalized service, bringing the best possible value to our investors.