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Asset Management

The Greer Group is a full-service real estate asset management firm, previously known as Halexis Management. The Greer Group team has over forty years of combined experience in the real estate industry, dedicated to providing the best service to clients. Our knowledge and expertise of properties throughout the West Coast makes us a reliable source for clients when handling their assets. Our team works closely with clients in creating business and construction plans, developing properties, handling leases, contracts, and more.

Greer Group's services include:

  • Developing property strategies: asset managers will work with clients to create the most strategic plan in managing their properties.
  • Acquisition and development: the Greer Group team is an expert in asset acquisition and development and will bring the most value out of each property.
  • Market research: Our analysts are always up-to-date on the fluctuations of the market, and will provide expert knowledge on clients’ assets based on the market.
  • Monitoring property performance: asset managers regularly monitor each property’s performance to ensure that each is managed successfully.
  • Tenant relations: The Greer Group team values personable, quality service and fosters excellent relations with each property’s tenants.
  • Investment management: Greer Group maintains excellent investment management for each client’s property.
  • Evaluation of Contracts: asset managers evaluate and maintain all necessary contracts, from insurance, licenses, leases and other contracts.