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What we do

Our Mission

Businesses today are often little more than a logo. At Greer Group we strive to set ourselves apart from the pack by building strong relationships that last for generations.


As a multi-generational family owned company ourselves, here at the Greer Group we strive to help other family asset portfolios grow, thrive, and last for generations through intelligent and prosperous investments, unparalleled property acquisition and management, and consistent, personal communication with our clients. Spanning three generations the Greer Group provides a complete asset management solution for your family’s portfolio, geared towards working hand in hand to help not only sustain, but to maximize and grow those assets for your family's future wealth and security. With the world the way it is today, we often find ourselves unsure of what lies ahead and the Greer Group aims to remedy that with client relations, support, and services that make you feel less like another client and more llke part of our extended business family.

With a combination of diverse real estate portfolios and generations of experience and insight, Greer Group sets the standard for investment, management, and communications with our clients. Few companies can boast over 40 years of experience in West Coast real estate and investment but at the Greer Group, it is not the years gone by where we take the most pride, it is the years that lie ahead, the relationships we build, and the people we build them with – we cultivate real estate family legacies.

Many people today measure success in a multitude of ways. At Greer Group, we measure success in family - ours and yours. Every member of the Greer Group understands that the true bottom line in today's world is the health, happiness, and success of family and as such, we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to seeing that yours succeeds, not just today or tomorrow but, for generations to come.

The Greer Group Way

At the Greer Group we aim to provide a complete and tailored package for your family’s real estate holdings; from acquisition through to the long term health and growth of those properties. Our team of asset managers draw on the expertise and experience of over 40 years in the Californian real estate market, and will plan and implement every aspect to maximize your family’s returns and peace of mind.

Our knowledge and expertise throughout the West coast make The Greer Group the perfect choice to create business and construction plans, develop properties, handle leases, contracts and more, to implement high level strategy and achieve your short and long term goals.

Our involvement in every stage of the process from acquisition to disposition will include the following services:

  • Developing property strategies: asset managers will work with clients to create the most strategic plan in managing their properties.
  • Acquisition and development: The Greer Group are experts in asset acquisition and development and will bring the most value out of each property.
  • Market research: The Greer Group’s analysts are always up-to-date on the fluctuations of the market, and will provide expert knowledge on clients’ assets based on the market.
  • Investment management: The Greer Group maintains excellent investment management for each client’s property.
  • Tenant relations: The Greer Group’s team values personable, quality service and fosters excellent relations with each property’s tenants.
  • Monitoring property performance: Asset managers regularly monitor each property’s performance to ensure that each is managed successfully.
  • Evaluation of Contracts: Asset managers evaluate and maintain all necessary contracts, from insurance, licenses, leases and other contracts.