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Assets under management: Over $30 Million.
Multifamily/Mobile Home/Office/Single Family Homes/Agriculture

Family Real Estate Security

Family Real Estate

As expert property and asset managers, we know how important it is to provide security to our clients, avoiding real estate complexities. At Greer Group, we want you to feel confident that your investment will create a considerable return. We know that, without a reasonable ROI, you wouldn’t be willing to get your feet wet, and this is where we help you get the job done securely, professionally, and without any hindrance.

With four decades of real estate experience behind us, we have learned how this business really works, and we make sure the assets we manage are operationally secured, allowing you to enjoy plenty of tax deductions as well. We not only secure your assets, but also strive to provide you with an appropriate ROI, which requires particularly experienced guidance. With Greer Group, you get a comprehensive solution to maximize benefits with all of your family real estate investments.

Family Real Estate Succession

Family Real Estate

We are a multi-generational family company whose success depends on flawless succession of leadership, and we have used this philosophy to help hundreds of fellow families with estate management and succession planning. We believe that a company’s success relates directly to the knowledge and commitment shared by the members of its team.

For this reason we partner with only the most experienced attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, and appraisers available, along with dedicated commercial and family real estate practitioners. With this optimal blend of market experience and professional knowledge, Greer Group is able to steer your portfolio far beyond it’s potential. Whether your commercial real estate interests are in acquisition, ownership, or disposal, you will find no better team to guide your succession plan than the experts of Greer Group.

Family Real Estate Sympathy

Family Real Estate

Are you looking for a commercial real estate firm that you can relate yourself to? Would you be comfortable putting your life’s work in the hands of an asset management company that puts no importance on your family dynamics? Or would you prefer to have the services of an experienced firm that not only understands the impact that interfamily dynamics has on your business, but has also experienced these first hand?

We know how important is it for families to find an asset management firm that they can connect both professionally and emotionally with. It is a very personal experience to handle another family’s wealth and we consider it a privilege to be handed the responsibility to work on behalf of families like our own.

The Greer Group Difference


Trusted Partners For Family Businesses

The Greer Group is at the forefront of commercial property and asset management, with over 40 years of experience spanning three generations. Our philosophy is family-driven, and we strive to build long lasting, personal relationships with each of our clients and their families. We have three main branches, which carry references to the names of Jessie’s three daughters, meant to represent the future of the company and its transition into the fourth generation.

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Family businesses require a special understanding of the challenges to a multi-generational establishment. The Greer Group offers professional, knowledgeable management services specifically tailored to the unique needs of each client, their family, and their business. To find out more about our services and capabilities, call or email our team and find out what The Greer Group can do for your family!

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    The Greer Group is a privately owned, family run, property asset management company, with over 40 years
    experience over three generations.

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    Investors are more than just clients to our company; they are partners in these projects, and can be assured of consistency, commitment, and professional service.

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    Asset Management

    Our deep knowledge and expertise of properties throughout the West Coast makes us a reliable and trusting source for clients when handling their assets.

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    We are strongly dedicated to bringing the best quality service in property management through overseeing the daily details in managing and operating properties.

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PMeet the Principal and CEO of Greer Group, Jessie Greer. In the following video, he explains his passion for The Greer Group and his vision for the future of the company.